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Thank You <3

Hi Friends! It's been a little over a year since I've first started making clay earrings, and my official one year of Just Anna is coming up quickly here in the next few months! I have been blown away by the amount of sweet support and encouragement you guys have given me while pursuing this! Everywhere I turn, I'm being asked how things are going and told how excited you guys are to see me pursuing something I love. While it's been hard keeping this going through college, you have all been so sweet to allow me the time to adjust, and have been very patient with me while I navigate this new season.  You all have supported me enough to...

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A Welcome Letter From Me to You!

You guys - We're live!  When I first started making clay earrings back in the middle of the pandemic, I never would have thought that little hobby would lead me to where it has today! I am so humbled whenever you guys allow me to make handcrafted pieces specially for you guys, and I'll always be thankful (and giddy) anytime I receive a new order! The opportunities we'll have (and already have!) to grow this into more than just a shop - but a ministry - is just so exciting and I can't wait to see all that we'll do together! Thank you for supporting me, believing in me, and encouraging me. Here's to this exciting adventure!  xoxo, The Anna of JustAnna 

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