The Midnight Collection

The Midnight Collection was created back in March, when I had been searching for clay day in and day out through every website I could find and coming up short. Soon though, I found one website with one thing in stock, a big package of black clay. If you don't know, Covid-19 has slowed the production rate of clay and with the boom in earring making, its made the good clay really hard to come by. When I found the black clay that day I knew I needed something to make and release, so I said "oh well" and placed my order, figuring creativity would strike once the package arrived on my door. Soon after, I jumped into creating new designs and finding different things I could add to the clay just to spice it up a little and create diversity within the single color. When I ordered the necessity clay that day, I had no clue all the designs that would come out of it that I love so much now, and I know I never would have chosen a project that stretched me out of my comfort zone so much. Let this be your friendly reminder to loosen up a little, and not hold onto your norms so tight;  spontaneity is one of the best teachers we'll ever have. So anyway, here's the Midnight Collection - I hope you love these designs as much as I do <3