what are essential oils? 
Essential oils are a highly concentrated version of the natural oils that are in plants! They are made through the diluting process which includes every part of the plant. They can support our bodies in every system, including hormones, our nervous system, metabolism, etc. After putting an oil on topically, it only takes 2 minutes for the oil molecules to hit the bloodstream, and only twenty minutes to effect every single cell in your body!

what are oils used for?
I use essential oils for just about everything! I use many different oils throughout my skincare routine, I never leave the house without having a roller bottle of DiGize on me, I use our vitality line while cooking, and many others! I also have found great benefits in using Young Living's line of supplements, makeup, specific skincare, protein powder, and my favorite, NingXia Red.

why choose Young Living? 
Young Living's distilling process, seed to seal, guarantees freshness from the time the seed is planted until the lid is sealed. This process is unmatched in the oil industry, and Each batch of oil is rigorously tested in house for therapeutic viability. Young Living is so confident in their products and their process that they invite their members to their farms and distilleries to watch the process happen right before their eyes!

how do I get started?
Check out my "getting started" page for recommendations I make on what I think you should start with! There you'll find a link for several 
different bundles I think would be great to start with, or you can create your own! The route I chose (and what I still recommend!) is getting the Premium Bundle, although you can get started with any oils you prefer!